• 14//2012 : Ratbeat - Groove in my brain
  • 14//2012 : Vyke - Relax
  • 14//2012 : DJ Speed - Ghost Smoker
  • 14//2012 : Noise Motion and Dephas8 - Come With Me
Who are we ?

The aim of this project is to help dub and dubstep producters offering them the opportunity to spread their sound through our e-compilations and e-EPs, freely downloadable and streamable.

So, to start discovering new artists, rush into the Releases section.

About us, we are french Dub addicts from Dijon wishing that the Dub passion could reach a larger public, becoming more and more heterogeneous and original, but keeping this friendly spirit which is, according to us, one of the fundamental aspects of the movment.

Support us !

You can also support the website with a paypal donation, even for 1€, to pay for the internet hosting costs, clicking this link (fast and safe):

Am I allowed to grab as much sound as I want ?

Yes ! hiQdub is a free netlabel ! You can download every track avaliable on this website because they are all under Creative Commons licence, which permits free distribution for private use. You will find further information about Creative Commons licences here.

The Gravity association

hiQdub is the netlabel of Gravity, an association located in Dijon, which aims to organize Bass Music parties in order to promote Burgundy artists deserving more renown. We at Gravity have our own sound system and manage most of the events by ourselves. This way, our association is fully free about its choices and remains independent.

To get more information or to be advised of the latest events, check its facebook page :

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